Creating the Story

Creating a city of the future

What creates a city of the future? A city of the future is a city where everyone in the community contributing to creating the community and to creating a better future for the community has the opportunity to be involved, participate in, and contribute to the process of creating the city.

Is a master plan in the best interests of our city, or is a planning process which involves the participation and contribution of the communities of place, the communities of common interest, and the creative communities who are part of and contribute to creating the city in our best interests?

Creating a city of the future

What is Think Vancouver?

ThinkVancouver is a place for our community to become informed, make connections, have conversations, contribute information and ideas, and explore opportunities that contribute to our common community interests.

ThinkVancouver will gather information about what we know, what we are doing, and who is contributing to our common community interests, and engage people in conversation to explore and contribute ideas to create a community that works.

Contributors are invited to tell what they do and how what they do contributes to our community. Participants in the conversation are invited to contribute information and ideas on what we could do differently or what else we could do in our common interests Everyone is invited to become informed and explore ideas and opportunities to create a community that works.

Our community is defined as the Greater Vancouver Region

Think Vancouver Story

What do we want?

The Nottingham and Derby Society of Architects identified ‘A Statement of Principles’ as outlined in George Monbiot’s Out of the Wreckage as an exemplar pathway towards a better society, and therefore for consideration towards aspired outcomes when influencing and shaping our built environment.

A Statement of Principles

What are our creative interests?

What are our overarching creative interests to focus our creative exploration, our creative enterprise, our creative community, and our creative resources on which will contribute most to creating a city of the future? What are our most highly leveraged creative interests to pursue?

Our Creative Interests

Creative contributions

What do we know? Where are we? How did we get here? What is happening? What do we think? What could we do? What can we do? What could we create? What can we create?

Creative contributions

Who is in our community?

What communities of common interest and common enterprise are involved, participating in, and contributing to creating our community?

Creative community

What conversations do we want to create?

What questions do we want to explore?

Creative conversations

Creative connections

What communities of common interest and common enterprise are in our community? What communities of common interest and common enterprise are part of?  What communities of common interest and common enterprise could we create relationships with and contribute to?

Creative community connections

Creative Vancouver
Vancouver Community Health Centre
Vancouver Community Housing Centre
West End Community Network
Strathcona Community Network
Old Vancouver

Downtown Eastside Community Action Network
Vancouver Community Forums
Vancouver Arts Forum

Vancouver Arts Community

Vancouver Heritage Community
Vancouver Heritage Experiences
Vancouver Heritage Centre


Centre for Sustainable Communities
Creative British Columbia
Creative Canada


Community Development Centre
Creating Our Planning Systems
Planning Community Centre