“Greater Vancouver can become the first urban region in the world to combine in one place the things to which humanity aspires on a global basis, a place where human activities enhance rather than degrade the natural environment, where the quality of the built environment approaches that of the natural setting, where the diversity of origins and religions is a source of social strength rather than strife, where people control the destiny of their community, and where the basics of food, clothing, shelter, security and useful activity are accessible to all.”

Creating Our Future
GVRD Livable Region Strategic Plan


“If only we could muster all the “thinking” people of the city into a large group we may well be able to do something about this……..”

Vancouver to embark on new City plan process

“Creating a long-term plan that takes into account the needs of all residents – current and future – is a positive and proactive way to collectively guide our future.”
Mayor Kennedy Stewart.

The need for a city-wide plan

Throughout the many conversations in developing recent plans such as the Housing Vancouver Strategy, the initial phase of Making Room, and a number of local community area plans, residents and industry members have said they would like to see a clear, “big picture” city-wide framework for how we’re collectively moving forward as a city.

“A long-term, city-wide plan would establish a clear framework to address rising issues in Vancouver such as housing affordability, environmental and social health, the need for long-term clarity around land-use, leveraging long-term capital investments and programs with senior levels of government, and encouraging a culture of innovation.”
Gil Kelley, General Manager of Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability
City of Vancouver

Areas expected to be covered by a city plan
  • The shape of neighbourhoods
  • Resiliency in the face of climate change and earthquakes
  • The future of the economy and shared prosperity
  • Harnessing technological transformations for enhanced livability
  • Investments for improved transportation and mobility
  • Housing options, equity and access to community amenities
  • Social cohesion and inclusion
  • Protection for renters
  • Heritage and reconciliation
  • Natural systems and assets
  • Enjoyable, well-designed gathering places
  • Ways to promote and express our unique arts and culture
  • Community engagement
Opportunities to contribute

The development of a city plan will be a multi-year effort to create a clear and compelling vision of our desired future along with strategies that will position us to realize that vision. Vancouver will also have to opportunity to engage with

  • Residents
  • Youth
  • Businesses
  • Partner institutions
  • Civic organizations
A new initiative

This would be the first comprehensive, city-wide planning initiative since the 1990s when an earlier city plan effort was started but did not advance beyond high-level vision and directions.

Staff have been asked to develop:

  • A work plan
  • Timeline
  • Confirmation of resources needed
  • A robust and collaborative engagement process
  • A report to Council is expected in early 2019

Vancouver to embark on new City plan process

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