The idea of Think Vancouver was introduced by Ray LeBlond, the President of the Downtown Vancouver Association in 2005, when he described the Downtown Vancouver Association as a consortium of smart people who think Vancouver and who have one thing in common, – a desire to have the best Vancouver possible.

The idea of Think Vancouver as a forum to keep our community better informed about the issues, initiatives, and ideas being explored in the City and to create opportunities for people to contribute their point of view was created on July 26, 2005, and went online with the following introduction.

“Think Vancouver is a place where our community can become informed, make connections, have conversations, contribute information and ideas, and explore opportunities that contribute to our community.

Think Vancouver gathers information about what we know and what we are doing, gives contributors to our community the opportunity to tell their story, and engages our community in exploring ideas on what we could do or do differently to create a community that works.”

Vancouver Community Forums, the Vancouver Arts Forum, and Creative Vancouver evolved from the same idea of connecting and creating opportunities for our community to contribute to the conversation and to our creative community enterprise to have the best Vancouver possible.

The Downtown Vancouver Association is one contributor in a large community of common interest which could become a community of common and creative enterprise, – exploring what we can do and how we can do things as a community to create a city of the future and a community that works.

Roger Chilton
Downtown Vancouver Association

The Idea of Think Vancouver
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