Think Vancouver Story

ThinkVancouver is a place for our community to become informed, make connections, have conversations, contribute information and ideas, and explore opportunities that contribute to our common community interests.

ThinkVancouver will gather information about what we know, what we are doing, and who is contributing to our common community interests, and engage people in conversation to explore and contribute ideas to create a community that works.

Contributors are invited to tell what they do and how what they do contributes to our community. Participants in the conversation are invited to contribute information and ideas on what we could do differently or what else we could do in our common interests.

Everyone is invited to become informed and explore ideas and opportunities to create a community that works.

Our community is defined as the Greater Vancouver Region

What ThinkVancouver Does.

ThinkVancouver organizes content and keeps information and stories current around common community interests and ideas.

ThinkVancouver gathers information from contributors about what we know, what we are doing, and who is contributing to our common community interests.

ThinkVancouver provides a place where our community can become informed, make connections, have conversations, contribute information, and explore opportunities that contribute to our common community interests

The primary audience for ThinkVancouver are people who are informed, concerned, enlightened, active, and resourced with connections, ideas, or resources. These are people who are community leaders, representatives of communities of interest, representatives from community service organizations, representatives from business contributors, well-informed community members, journalists, and interested residents of the Vancouver Region who are affected by what we do and how we do things as a community.

ThinkVancouver serves anyone who finds value in its content. It articulates community interests that are common to most communities and engages people in conversations around interests and ideas.


Conversations in the forums are moderated to ensure participants present themselves well and people and points of view are treated respectfully. Forums can be hosted by contributing partners who cover the costs associated with moderating the conversation, keeping the story current and keeping people informed of updates.

ThinkVancouver provides a space where we can identify community interests that could benefit from their own forums.

Anyone with access to a computer can participate.


Instead of relying upon the news, the internet gives us the opportunity to contribute to the news and to consider the impact of what is happening in our communities and connect with others to identify our common interests and explore ideas and opportunities to act on what we know and what is possible. New possibilities are created with different points of view

ThinkVanvouver provides a forum that allows members of our community to connect and identify ideas and business and community service organizations that contribute and how they contribute to our common community interests

ThinkVancouver contributes to creating community by connecting to share information and ideas and create common and cooperative enterprise

Business and community service enterprises have the resources and abilities to contribute. People who are the custodians of the interests of an enterprise consider the choices and make the decisions


  • Create events and host conversations to engage people around interests
  • Report on events and conversations hosted by business and community service organization contributors
  • Use available communication vehicles to deliver ThinkVancouver ideas and interests through content that deserves more public knowledge
  • Connect opportunity packages to presenting partners or contributors with resources and abilities to contribute who could benefit from the connection and relationship
  • Serve audiences with event and update notices
  • Archive all notices and reports about what resulted from events
  • Serve contributors by delivering event and update notices related to audience interests
  • Link websites with doorway stories and give them an opportunity to link
  • Operate beyond integrity


  1. Audience size
  2. Revenue generated to invest in creating more content, more connections, and more conversations in the common interests of ThinkVancouver audiences, participants and contributors.


Quantum Ideas will host conversations at 1194 Richards Street or at other venues mixing the people invited to make connections between organizations who could contribute and benefit from cooperating with one another through ThinkVancouver. Events will be catered and guests will be invited to contribute to the cost

Events hosted by others can have the content created by the event reported on ThinkVancouver for a fee to cover the cost of a ThinkVancouver writer transcribing and preparing the content for ThinkVancouver audiences consistent with the editorial interests of ThinkVancouver and the editorial style expected by ThinkVancouver audiences.

There are lots of opportunities for contributing partners. Email to explore ideas.

Creating the Story