Creating a city of the future

What creates a city of the future? A city of the future is a city where everyone in the community contributing to creating the community and to creating a better future for the community has the opportunity to be involved, participate in, and contribute to the process of creating the city.

Is a master plan in the best interests of our city, or is a planning process which involves the participation and contribution of the communities of place, the communities of common interest, and the creative communities who are part of and contribute to creating the city in our best interests?

If our government, the City of Vancouver, is in the process of exploring possibilities for the design and development of our city for our community and cares to explore ideas with our creative communities about how we create a city of the future, a city where everyone who is part of our community has an opportunity to contribute to creating the community we imagine for ourselves in our common interests, we have the ability to make that conversation possible.

Governments cannot create community.
Governments cannot create democracy.
Communities can create democracy.
Communities can create government.

From my point of view
Roger Chilton

The Idea of Think Vancouver