The Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan which will be used to inform policy decisions and development for the next 30 years is scheduled to go to Vancouver city council on March 12, 2014.
Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan

Maybe it’s time for the city of Vancouver to give its head a shake and realize that its much-ballyhooed Downtown Eastside Plan is actually part of the problem, not the solution.
Downtown Eastside Plan hasn’t worked

How Do You Plan for a Diverse City? Residents who participate in city planning tend to be the same kinds of people. How can we change that? It’s not easy to get Vancouverites to weigh in on the future of the city — especially residents not used to leaping into planning policy debates.
How Do You Plan for a Diverse City? Vancouver Once Got It Right

The world is facing an unprecedented number of major, seemingly intractable issues. We now face major global issues that will impact us at the community level.
A City Plan for the Future

“Vancouverism” came about from a desire within the community to create new neighbourhoods that would provide the amenities that genuine public participation and professional studies of up-to-date methods showed to be desirable.

One of the trickiest things to watch out for if you are in charge of approving development in a city, is precedent.

Although many people in development and planning are concerned about this, there doesn’t appear sufficient concern among decision-makers to address the issue.
Spot Zoning

One of the things we have to do in order to communicate to communities is to provide the information in ‘Walt Disney’ form.
Vancouver – Transparency Urged

As all its residents hopefully recognize, corporate interests are increasingly superseding community interests in Mount Pleasant. What is especially pernicious about this trend is the way in which developers such as Rize try to disguise their private aims as the voice of the community, placing themselves in some projected harmony with the neighbourhood.
The Future of Mount Pleasant

Vancouver, because of its unique status as a charter city, is the only municipality in the region that does not have to have an Official Community Plan.
Vancouver has no plan

How about an Urbanarium? A place where people could come and have explained to them in a way they could grasp what a city is, what it is composed of, how it operates, why it is in constant change and what causes change.
How about an Urbanarium?