The West End Community Network was used to demonstrate how a community media system might work for a workshop at the 2008 Committed Community Builders Conference of the Business Improvement Areas of British Columbia.

The workshop was focused on how a community media system could connect and contribute to creating community by giving the community the ability to contribute information, ideas and opportunities, keep the community informed, and excite creative conversation around community issues and interests.

West End Community Network – creating community for our future

We invite you to a meeting on January 26, 2011, to continue the conversation and explore what we could do to create the future for Strathcona and contribute to our heritage.

In our first conversation we began to explore the character and history of the neighbourhood, Japantown, Hastings Street, the industrial area, preserving heritage houses and buildings, development plans, cultural resources, community services, local business potential, opportunities, possibilities, ideas and actions we could take, and how to keep the conversation going.

Strathcona Community Network – connecting our community

Heritage meets modern describes the historic district of Yaletown in Vancouver, British Columbia. Yaletown provides the serenity of an oceanfront seawall, along with the largest selection of trendy patios and award winning boutiques. As a great escape within the big city, Yaletown offers an opportunity to explore acclaimed restaurants and eclectic shops set along heritage brick walkways with free area WiFi.

Named after the town of Yale, which moved its settlement as the Canadian Pacific Railway established its works yards along the Northern edge of False Creek in 1886, Yaletown is managed by the Yaletown Business Improvement Association.

Yaletown Community Network – where next begins

Out of control housing costs for both ownership and rental aren’t just a Greater Vancouver phenomenon. Many B.C. and Canadian communities are experiencing a worsening, wickedly complex housing crisis that has been decades in the making. Shelter insecurity has seeped into the middle and even upper-middle class, and across all age and cultural demographics.

Vancouver Community Housing Centre – creating homes for our community

Vancouver Community Health Centre – creating a healthy community

Downtown Eastside Community Action Network – creating community with actions

Vancouver Community Forums are about creating conversations where information is exchanged, ideas are freely expressed, understanding is increased, connections are made, and ideas are created around common community interests.

Vancouver Community Forum Events may be created to begin a conversation, keep a conversation going, or engage more people in conversation. Forum events give people first hand information and opportunities for creating connections. Some conversations may have a single presenter, some may have several presenters, some may be an experience. Conversations are moderated.

Vancouver Community Forums – exciting creative conversation

Vancouver Heritage Community – creating a future for our heritage

Old Vancouver – creating a future for Vancouver’s heritage

Vancouver Heritage Experiences – creating connections with our heritage

Creative Vancouver – exciting creative community enterprise

Vancouver Arts Community – creating community with art

Vancouver Arts Forum – creating a centre for the arts